Hair extensions; how do they work?

Hair extensions are either made from human hair or plastic fibers know as synthetic hair extensions.
Hair extensions have and still play a huge role in a woman’s life.
Whether they are made of synthetic or human hair extensions add instant length, beautiful volume, and they come in amazing styles. Extensions protect your hair in terms of styling and colors.
Hair Extensions are for women with thin and thick hair, curly and straight hair.

            Hair extensions have always been trendy.

There are several types of hair extensions such as clip-in & tape- in extensions and weaves. I will explain how each of these extensions works and some tips to pick the best hair extensions for your hair.

a) Clip-in extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are made of synthetic and human hair.
Human hair extensions are better than synthetic ones because you can use heat styling tools on them to curl or straighten your liking.
Clip-in extensions come with clips attached to the wefts and they are very easy to apply.
There are nine different lengths and multiple colors available for clip-ins.  Clip-ins adds instant volume and length. Since they are easy to apply you will save a lot of money on salon visits.

          24” human hair clip-in extensions

Instant volume with clip-in hair extensions

b) Tape-in extensions.

This extensions are another way to achieve amazing volume, but this technique takes anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete.
Tape-in comes with polyurethane tapes. This process includes parting sections of your hair and sandwich the extension.
Tape-in extensions are seamless and undetectable and they are not too harsh since the weight gets distributed evenly.

You will need to visit a hairdresser to tape them in your hair.

Tape-in extensions before and after with polyurethane tape.

c) Weave.

These are the two most popular ways of applying weaves.

1) Sewn-in: Here your hair is braided then weaves are attached using a needle and a thread. This sew-in helps protect your hair since it is braided to your scalp. Sew-in extensions can last up to 8 weeks if maintained properly.

Braid your beautiful hair for a sew-in.

2) Fusion method: There are two types of fusion method, hot fusion method, and cold fusion method.

              Semi-permanent hot & cold fusion method.

A special tool used during the fusion method.

Hot fusion method involves keratin glue being melted to bond the extensions to your hair.

Cold fusion method: Your natural hair gets put through micro ring beads then it gets clamped using hair extension pliers.

With regular visits to a salon fusion methods can last between 3-5 months.

Tips to pick the best hair extensions for you:

  1. You need to choose a color that is closest to your natural hair. Choosing the right color for your hair extensions helps them blend seamlessly and helps it look natural.
    If your hair is not “one-dimensional” meaning if your hair has more than one shade of color you have the option to purchase double blended colors.
  2. Choosing the right texture is as important as choosing the color. If you have thin and fine hair you will need to pick extensions with similar texture because if the extensions are coarse they won’t match.

    Know what kind of hair is the extensions made of, Indian hair are suitable for women with dark and thick hair. There are different extensions with different textures.
  3. Choose the perfect length for you. If you are looking for minimal changes choose extensions that are three to five (3-5) inches longer than your own hair. You can choose the longest length available (i.e. 26 inches) for a drastic change in your look.

  4. Decide how much hair extensions you will need and how much can you get in one set. Check if one set will be enough for you to get the voluminous look that you are after.
  5. You need to bear in mind that extensions are semi-permanent and they can cost a lot.
  6. Choose Remy human hair because it is of the highest quality and last longer than other hair extensions. Remy hair does not shed and they do not tangle as it is 100% Remy hair.

    Choose 100% human hair and Remy hair if you want to be able to style your hair using hair straighteners and curling irons. Synthetic hair cannot be styled because the heat styling tools will melt the plastic. Synthetic hair also comes pre-styled so there is no styling option.
  7. If you are a first time user, choose clip-in extensions because they are temporary. If you do not like the idea of extensions you are not compelled into keeping them for weeks or months.
  8. Research about hair extensions, consider the pros and cons and speak to a professional about which extension to use.
  9. Hair extensions require a lot of care. You need to store them properly, wash, style, and condition them. It is a time-consuming process and you will need to buy additional products to take care of your hair extensions.
  10. Additional tip: After you decide and find the perfect extensions for you, get them applied by professional and certified personnel.
  11.  If you are buying hair extensions for the first time it’s important to buy them in-store rather than online. You won’t be able to tell the difference through your device.
  12.  Check for return and exchange policy when you are picking hair extensions. Some companies allow exchange, but there are a few companies with questionable policies.
  13. Always keep the receipt of your purchase.

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