In a country where women are treated like a goddess and welcomed every year as pride, in a place as such women are being harassed, raped, humiliated and the lists never get short. Every woman earned their rights after fighting for a long time in the men dominated the world. The women are known as a burden for society. Every woman knows about their rights in today’s times. Women should not misuse their special rights in every field of the work but some do that for a better career ahead and upliftment in the workplace.

Misuse Legal Rights of Women

  • Women have the right to equal pay in their work

      In the provisions under the Equal Remuneration Act, one can’t be discriminated against on the idea of sex when it involves salary, pay, or wages. Women and Men have the same rights for equal pay for remuneration. Women were given their rights after the rights derived from work.

  • Women have the right to protect their dignity and decency

During any event of medical examination, the process should be done only by a woman for protecting the dignity and decency of a woman.

  • Women have the right against harassment in the workplace

The Act of Sexual Harassment itself gave its rise from a famous case and realizing the facts of women. The Supreme Court of India gave women a right towards sexual harassment and within 3 months, one may file a complaint against any person of sexual harassment under the Internal Complaints Committee.

  • Women have a right against domestic violence from anyone after marriage 

Section 498 of the Hindu Marriage Act looks to guard a wife, female live-in partner, or a lady living during a household sort of a mother or a sister from the violence which incorporates verbal, economic, emotional, and sexual by the hands of a husband, male live-in partner or relatives. The accused shall be punished with non-bailable imprisonment for a term which can reach three years and shall even be susceptible to fine.

  • Female victims of sexual assault have the right to keep their identity anonymous from others

This is made to form sure that her privacy is protected, a lady who has been sexually assaulted may record her statement alone before the district magistrate when the case is under trial, or within the presence of a female policeman

  • Women have the right to get free legal aid in cases

Under the Legal Services Authorities Act, female rape victims have the proper to urge free legal aid or help from the Legal Services Authority who has got to arrange a lawyer for her.

  • Women have the right not to be arrested at night from 6 pm to 6 am

Unless there’s an exceptional case on the orders of a primary class magistrate, a lady can’t be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. Besides, the law also states that the police can interrogate a lady at her residence only within the presence of a lady constable and relations or friends

  • Women have the right to register virtual complaints through various mediums

The law gives women the supply for filing virtual complaints via e-mail, or writing her complaint and sending it to a police headquarters from a registered postal address. Further, the SHO sends a constable to her place to record her complaint. This is just in case a lady isn’t during a position to physically attend a police headquarters and file a complaint.

  • Women have the right against indecent representation

Depiction of a woman’s figure that includes her form or any body part in any manner that’s indecent, derogatory, or is probably going to deprave, corrupt or injure the general public morality or morals may be a punishable offense.

  • Women have the right when being stalked by another person

In Indian Penal Code under Section 354D makes a way for action to be taken against an offender if he/she follows a lady, tries to contact her to foster personal interaction repeatedly despite a transparent indication of disinterest; or monitor the utilization by a lady of the web, email or the other sort of transmission.

  • Women have a right to FIR irrespective of incident occurrence

An FIR which will be filed at any police headquarters regardless of the situation where the incident occurred or a selected jurisdiction it comes under, the Zero FIR can later be moved to the police headquarters in whose jurisdiction the case falls under. This ruling was gone by the Supreme Court to save lots of the victim’s time and stop an offender from getting away scot-free.


There it can be concluded as such that women are a gift to the world but due to their betterment, women do misuse their rights which came to force after a long journey and sacrifices of women’s lives for a long time. Every family should teach their child irrespective of girl and boy to tell the truth and protect each other in every situation. Women should not perform their rights in any other form except in the true sense. It will be encouraged and both the rights of men and women shall be protected.

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